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The Third Eye:

Collision Detection Technology Available for Every Car


We know we should avoid distractions

But sometimes it's difficult to keep your eyes on the road. We just can't help from looking at our phone, looking out the side-window, or even closing our eyes for a few seconds.

The Third Eye stays vigilant on the road ahead, and will alert you to potential front-end collisions, potentially saving thousands of dollars in damage.

your car, smarter

Using the same technology as Google's autonomous car (LIDAR), the Third Eye uses advanced technology to detect and warn a driver of an impending collision. 

In laboratory tests the Third Eye was able to a cut the time needed to respond to a front end collision in half. 


for teenage drivers

Stay safe while learning good driving habits


Around town

 Stop in time for the light while skipping a track on Spotify


traffic jam.jpg

on the way home

Remain vigilant while reading that last work email


deer on highway.jpg

On the highway

 Be alert to dangerous situations while keeping an eye on the kids


In parking lots

Avoid fender-benders while prowling for a parking spot.