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Dialer Bluetooth alternative

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Hi all,

I would like to use the call via the Bluetooth connected Phone.

I would like to use the voice command function of the car.

The functionality is there the problem is that you activate the stock phone app and not the bt phone one.

Going to the default settings under the telephone item, the bt telephone app is not displayed but only the stock telephone and consequently it cannot be changed.

Has anyone solved by installing another app to control the phone in Bluetooth?

Thank you all for your attention


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Francesco, do you use the phone module of Carbotics (SIM card inserted)? For now just a universal answer: When connected Carbotics is the boss of your head unit. It has Android 9 running and you might use any other dialer. But if you want to use your phone for calling you have to use the implemented dialer to command your phone. As far as I know this dialer is the only one providing all needed and possible functionality for Carbotics and your phone. The limiting factor might be your phone and the protocol used.

Bye for now  Fred