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What is your favorite app to run on Carbotics?

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Which app(s) that came installed on Carbotics do you most like?

Which app(s) did you download that you recommend to others?

AP756 - Fred
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Most important for me are any programs to

- monitor my car (temperatures, oil pressure, speed, ...) -> Torque pro or similar to connect OBD2

- monitor performance on tracks -> Dragy, Race Chrono, Harry's LapTimer etc.

- have a working "offline" GPS -> IGo, Sygic

- adjust maps -> DTE PowerControl

- some leisurement (music, video) from local SD card -> MusicFolderPlayer, SlowMotionVideoPlayer etc.

Well, that's just some (my) things I try to run on CarBotics. I'm not limited to any suggestion what might be esential.

Bye for now  Fred