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Compatibilite Mercedes GLC 2023 x254

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Bonjour, nous aimerions savoir si votre Carbotics est compatible avec le dernier GLC car il a l’air avec le EQS, donc je dirais à priori oui mais je voudrais être sur. Le véhicule est déjà Equipe du CarPlay en wifi mais Apple limite les applications et nous voudrions avoir la possibilité d’accéder à l’application somfy. Merci pour votre retour

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Hello, we would like to know if your Carbotics is compatible with the latest GLC because it looks with the EQS, so I would say yes but I would like to be sure. The vehicle is already equipped with CarPlay in wifi but Apple limits the applications and we would like to be able to access the somfy application. Thanks for your feedback

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Hi Fred, as I understand GLC x254 has wireless Carplay. Carbotics needs WIRED Carplay, so I suppose it can't be operated with your head unit. You have to open your garage with the remote control. Sorry to have no better answer.

Bye for now  Fred

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