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Request: Gesture navigations and/or nav buttons

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Hi carbotics team!
It would be awesome if you could provide gesture navigations(swipe controls for home/back/etc) by default on an upcoming firmware and/or giving an option to enable android's navigation buttons!

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@admin, I second that :-).

Bye for now Fred

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can you list all the features requests into one list?

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- Gesture navigations like new android devices ( swipe from bottom for home screen etc)
- Option to enable android navigation buttons. It should be an option to turn it on and off because some users might prefer having it off so that it wont cover much of the screen
- I dont know if this is possible but when you run zlink5 (android auto) if you use the cars voice activation button, it activates the carbotics voice assistant ( meaning the default android voice assistant ) and not the zlink(android auto) voice assistant. If there is a way for you to make it work by detecting when android auto is running, it would be awesome!

- A setting to resize(?) the screen yourself. Sometimes automatic screen detection doesnt work out of the box and thus the touchscreen is not working. I had this myself until i updated to the latest firmware

- Possible bug? Sometimes carbotics lose application data. For example, many times my spotify app loses my login and thus the downloaded songs. Also some apps lose certain permissions when this happens. For example i have installed an app called FNG which enables gesture navigations, but certain times the permission to draw over other apps is lost when carbotics relaunch

- Possible bug? Discussed in this thread

Thank you! It would be awesome if you continue supporting the device through software. Its working great so far but has some minor minor issues that i think are fixable!

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