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Request: Please provide actual ROMs as download from forum

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Hi Donny, already responded to Roxy. Without help of additional software these files don't unzip and the installation stalles with an error message (tried several Browsers to download to no availability, files seem to be "buggy"). Last night I managed to flash the latest software (APM888 dated 01.08.2022) and all seems fine. Report will follow, have to set up all my software...

Bye for now Fred


18.08.2022 update: For the time being the update file has a problem and can't be neither unzipped nor flashed. I searched for an interim solution and found some help. Download the update file and PieKitchen ( here ), load the ROM into PieKitchen, unpack and repack. The ROM will be newly signed and can be flashed. For the time being we are able to work around this problem.

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ok thanks

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