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Welcome to the CarBotics Forum

This forum is dedicated to support fans and users of CarBotics products. We want to give you the place to discuss these products respectful in a friendly manner. Keep racism and hate outside of this forum.

If you have any hardware problems you have to contact directly, the people here are "just friends". You will find no official CarBotics representant on this forum (if some of them are here, they are here for private enjoyment. They might help in sending you to the official places). So, feel free to ask for help, but don't expect to get an official and verified answer.

As usual there are some rules you have to obeye:
- No rude behavior
- No illegal contents whatsoever
- No advertising of products not related to CarBotics
- No sharing of links to other groups - ask an administrator or a moderator first (most likely it will be allowed)
- Respect everyone. We love to discuss, but we hate to dispute.
- Official language here is English, you got the tools to use other languages.

Welcome again, let's have a good time and let us enjoy the power we got to improve the usability of our head units πŸ™‚

Bye for now Fred

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Thanks for posting the forum launching announcement. Great rules!

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Just wanted to mention that we removed over 20k spam accounts a few days ago. If your account was removed on accident, then please re-register. We were able to recover most of Fred's posts which was important to us.Β 

AP756 - Fred
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Donny, at least I'm happy with the results, thanks. People removed by accident will return :-).

Bye for nowΒ  Fred

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