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First "review" Carbotics24

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The better is the enemy of the good. History and future: After initial "problems" and misunderstandings Cardongle proved to be a reliable piece of hardware for me and - I call it hardware release 2 - is running hassle-free since the final software update end of 2022. But now a new era starts. Welcome to the new generation "Carbotics24" (this name isn't official, but it describes it best). This short review is subjective, no performance measurements taken and not all functions tested for the time being. I have to use Carbotics24 a while longer and I need the input of you, the other customers. It's just a first evaluation.

A couple of days ago Carbotics24 - the third hardware release - arrived on my doorstep. I opened the package and read the text of the box which stated Android 9 (?). First thought "Oh they sent the old version". But to my surprise, it's just because they sent it in an old box! Test programs report Android 13 and all is good. The size of the new version is the same as before, position of SD card and SIM card didn't change. I'd say it's close to identical, but I know the hardware internals changed to work with Android 13.

Unfortunately my workload is quite high at the moment. Therefore I leave the description of the new hardware to the officials and some professionals which will report about the new Carbotics24. I'll concentrate on my few personal findings.

Startup from hardware side seems to be a bit faster. But the new launcher needs some more time to load. Therefore there seems to beno big difference to the old model. Frontend looks much nicer. After getting accustomed to the new possibilities you'll adapt to the new features and you start to see the enhancements. Let's look at an example: If you start "Settings" you seem to be limited to just a few items as before. Snooping around you'll find "Extended Settings" and - tada - the full Android settings are implemented and they work as expected!

I had no problems to connect my phone(s), all my Bluetooth gadgets (like OBD reader) work out of the box, even to enter a developers menu is easy. To sum up: Usability improved quite a lot. For the time being I'll try to transfer all my personal and program settings from the old unit (Android 9) to the new Carbitics24 (Android 13). This is time consuming because Google restricted direct access to some folders (you know Google thinks all users are dumb and have to be protected from themselves...). Well, I'll find a way around it and I hope to get some support from developers who dislike the restrictions too.

A new era has started. I look forward to the enhanced possibilities of the new platform. 

Bye for now  Fred