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How to connect OBD2 / running Torque

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Short instructions:

- install Torque Pro (if you want to run own PIDs).

- Disconnect and reconnect your OBD2 dongle (avoid other connections to the OBD2 dongle).

- start your head unit / Carbotics with ignition switched on.

- start Settings on Carbotics, goto Bluetooth Settings and establish connection to your OBD2 dongle.

   - if this works out of the box goto next main step.

   - if your Carbotics does not "see" OBD2 dongle install Bluetooth Pair ( ), "Set Device Visible" and run "BLE Scan" (be patient).

   - if it still fails install "Force Pair", set the PIN for your OBD2 (usually 0000 or 1234) and connect.

- now start Torque, goto Settings - OBD2 Adapter Settings and choose your adapter.

- Torque should now work for you. Please be sure Carbotics is the only hardware "grabbing" OBD2 dongle connection.

Bye for now  Fred

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