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How to upgrade firmware, where to get firmware (updated 01.08.2022)

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Firmware released for Carbotics: - this is for test units and units delivered before mid of March 2022: - newer devices after 14. March 2022: (01.08.2022)

Some helpers can be found here:

Procedure to upgrade:

1. Download the correct firmware from the links above to your computer

Note (before somebody asks): Yes, if your CarBotics runs well and you are close to an open WLAN network you might download the file directly onto your CarBotics unit. But don't forget to move/copy this file to your SD card (see step 2) before you restart your CarBotics. Proceed with step 4

2. Copy the file or to the root of your SD card (the SD card should be formatted in FAT32)

3. Insert this card into CarBotics and connect CarBotics to your car.

4. Switch on Auxiliary or Ignition (power on). CarBotics will start, will see the or and will prompt you if it should install. Answer yes and the procedure will start.

Note: Be sure ignition (auxiliary power) isn't switched off during the installation. During update CarBotics will probably reboot several times, just be patient and let the updater do it's work. After approx. 10 to max. 15 minutes CarBotics will be ready and you can enjoy the updated system.

In any case, if you run into any trouble please let the forum know what you did (or did not do) and we will try to get your system up and running again.

Bye for now  Fred


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