CarBotics’s main objection is to free up your phone. One you connect to your phone’s hotspot, you can navigate CarBotics directly via the touchscreen.

We may add mirroring feature in a later firmware release.

Yes, CarBotics only requires your phone can be used as a wifi/bt hotspot. The rest of the operation goes directly via the CarBotics / stereo touchscreen

Yes, we will be shipping CarDroid Worldwide. If you are in the USA, CarBotics will ship using USPS. Expedited add-on ships using DHL. If you are in Europe, then we also ship using post from our European warehouse. DHL ships from Hong Kong.

When you plug CarBotics in, you won’t need to use Android Auto. CarBotics is basically an alternative for when you don’t want to use Android Auto.

You only need to use your phone as a hotspot. Then you operate CarBotics using touch screen.

Wifi hotspot as shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMXn3b8Go9c

There may be a sim slot upgrade option depending on the demand.

There is a built-in GPS antenna. We will be confirming if you can still use your car’s GPS.

YES! All you need to have is a vehicle/stereo with Carplay and a touchscreen and you can boot-up and navigate CarBotics.

Several of our sample units that were meant to be used for videos were lost by the shipping agent. We will be uploading more footage to our channel soon.

Here is the latest teaser footage which shows the process of connecting to CarBotics and operating it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMXn3b8Go9c

Yes, it is very simple. We will also be uploading tutorials so subscribe to our Youtube channel.

Yes, there’ll be frequent firmware upgrades.

The factory stock won’t support this feature. There may be custom ROMs developed by the community though.

You can connect to your phone’s hotspot to stream. We may be offering a SIM Card slot upgraded version depending on how many people request this.

CarBotics may not be for everyone. If you are content with Android Auto and its limitations, the you may not need CarBotics. There are several limitations that users complain about.

Also, currently there are only mirroring dongles which which don’t have standalone operating system. The mirroring devices also require you install an app on your phone. Basically, it ties up your phone.

We’ll let the community members tell why they were waiting for a device like CarBotics to come around.

Tooling and molds are all ready.

We are adjusting firmware now and preparing components for assembly. As soon as our campaign is finished, we’ll purchase everything we need to deliver CarBotics’s to our backers. We estimate CarBotics should begin shipping out early December.

You only need to connect to hotspot once. Once you are connected, then the bootup is rather quick. You can see the bootup screen in this updated teaser video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMXn3b8Go9c We will be uploading more video once we have more professional footage taken. We launched the campaign before we had quality footage due to CarBotics fans asking for us to release it soon.

We are still working out the price and release date.

There will be several memory options and also possibly will be adding other features.

Our Indiegogo campaign will be heavily discounted so make sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already.

Our first CarBotics batch will begin shipping in early November.

As long as your car has Android Auto, the CarBotics should be compatible.


Check if your vehicle or headset stereo is compatible here…